March 25, 2015

Plans and Plants

My husband designed the shelter for the coops.

My husband submitted plans today for the shelter that will house our coops and the run for the chickens.  It will have enough room for 28 chickens in the larger coop and 8 in the smaller.  We are planning on getting our chicks from Mt. Healthy Hatchery, here in Cincinnati.  We would like to have a mix of Rhode Island Reds (brown eggs) and Ameraucanas (blue-green eggs).  Tomorrow we should hear if our plans have been approved; then we can move forward with the shelter! 
The first spring crocus, planted last fall.

Our first flowers are blooming too.  I planted these lovely purple crocuses in honor of my mother's passing last Fall.  It warms the heart to see new life spring up from the ground. 

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