December 7, 2015

A new generation of layers

The last few days we have found several tiny eggs in the mix, which leads us to believe the second generation of chickens at Phillips farm is starting to lay eggs!  Here is the little ameraucana egg we got today...

It can be difficult to tell how small it is without a comparison egg so here it is next to an average size egg:

We got the newer chickens in mid-July so that puts them at about five months old.  The older chickens were about that age when they started to lay eggs too.

Josh and I were just talking this weekend about how we seem to have lucked out on this new generation because none of them seem to be roosters. We ordered all females but they tell you at the hatchery that they can't sex the birds with 100% accuracy and in our first batch we had one rooster. This time, though, they all se to be hens. 

So soon we may be getting closer to 3-3.5 dozen per day. It's a good thing we have hooked up with jungle jims!  

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