December 13, 2015

Cookies, take 2

After dinner tonight we walked across the street to ice the cookies Rita and I made the other night. Rita had us all set up at their dining room table with tray of cookies, bowls of icing and lots and lots of sprinkles. 

Things started off well. Everyone was spreading icing and picking different kinds of toppings to put on. 

I even decorated a few gingerbread men with little outfits. 

Can't you just read his mind... Man I want to eat these!

I looked over once to see Baxter spooning a handful of sprinkles right into his mouth. That child loves sugar!

After everyone else was done, Oliver lost all semblance of control with the sprinkles. His tray turned into a sprinkles sand box and boy was he having a great time!

This is the stuff of memories!


  1. A fun night for sure - we found sprinkles 3 rooms away on the floor....nothing is more precious than seeing the little ones' creativity take hold. I wonder how they slept after all that sugar! And the 2 gingerbread cookies left on the counter are no more. My breakfast this AM!

    1. They were definitely wound up after all those sprinkles but we managed to get everyone to bed! I too had a gingerbread man for breakfast :)
      Thanks Rita!