September 13, 2016

A little chicken whisperer

We had a family dinner this past weekend and my brother brought over his two young children. Little Bailey wanted to go out right away, as usual, to see the birds. She goes out in the yard and says, "chickies!  hi chickies!" and the girls come running. They come close and she giggles. 

After dinner Bailey was playing with some little figurines in the family room. She was trying to carry so many that they were dropping so I went and got her a small basket to put them in. Seeing the basket, she dropped the toys like hot potatoes and went to the back door. She asked, "go see chickens? eggs?" 

That's a child of my own heart who would choose going outside to explore over playing with toys any day of the week!  She's trained now that baskets are used to collect eggs :)

Here she is chattering with my aunt by the garden. 

She got several chicken eggs and the real prize, a duck egg. 

We had to have a little chat about not swinging the basket around...

I just love those little pigtails! 

That's a happy child.  I'm grateful we have these little people in our life to share all of this with. Being on the farm with them reminds you of the ever present wonder in this life we live day to day. 

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