November 23, 2016

How fast they grow!

We got 50 baby Golden Comet chickens just three weeks ago and already they are sprouting feathers and flying around.  How fast they grow!

On their one week birthday, they had a full set of pin feathers along the edge of their little wings.  

About a week in, McGregor was out in the workshop with Josh and noticed one bird was bloody.  They brought her into the kitchen and we set up a home for her inside with us.  The pecking order is real and how early they establish it!  Poor thing, her sisters had pulled her tail feathers out and made her little rear end all bloody.  She chirped and chirped all day long.  Chicks don't like to be alone.  So after a couple days we moved her back out the workshop beside her sisters.  That way she could be safe in her own little container while she healed but she could still hear her little flock.  

By two weeks, the little ones were mastering perching already!

They are so curious.  I love sticking my camera down in the brooder and watching them come up to inspect it.

Doesn't this girl look like she has a kick line or back-up singers?

We need more perches!  They'll be ready to move over into one side of the coop here soon.  Hopefully they'll do ok with the temperatures dropping.  We have never done chicks this time of year before.  Perhaps more heat lamps will be in order...

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