February 11, 2017

Chicks at two weeks

We got our newest batch of little Easter Eggers on January 25; so they turned two weeks old on Wednesday.  I swear every time we get chicks they seem to grow faster and faster.  These little ones now have quite feathered wings and love to fly up out of the brooder and perch on things around the workshop, leaving deposits to show they were there.  I am sensing they will be moving out soon!  

Check out this girl perched up on the board that runs over the brooder for the heat lamps.  Can't just hear her saying, "I'm the queen of the world!"  

It is a constant flurry of activity with 66 of them in the brooder.  This is the biggest batch we have ever had at once.

I caught one so you could see how many feathers they have already.  Their little bodies are still fuzzy but they've got these fabulous wings.

Hi there.

Now the next question will be where they'll go when they are ready to leave the brooder.  We are reaching the tipping point where we may not be able to close off a whole side of the coop for babies since we have so many adults with the 50 Golden Comets we just added.  This may take some maneuvering.  Check back to see what we work out.  Problem solving should be listed as a skill on every farmer's resume!

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