February 13, 2017

Fresh lettuce

The greens I started a few weeks back are thriving under the grow lights I got from my friend Casey at Greener Portions Aquaponics.  I planted a flat of meslun and spinach.  The mesclun is quite dense now and the spinach is beginning to fill in too.

The other evening, I got out my scissors and started chopping.  It didn't take me long to cut a whole bowl full of greens for a nice big dinner salad.  I'm also growing some herbs so I snipped some of those to add to the mix too.  It was so flavorful and fresh!  

It had me longing for spring planting and summer meals of food fresh from the garden.  I've been working on my garden planning and have my schedule all laid out to begin planting in late February/early March.  I'm going to try to do everything from seed this year, which will be a new adventure for me.  I am so looking forward to all the heirloom varieties I'll get to try since I'm growing them all myself from the get-go instead of buying seedlings at the store.

What are you most excited to plant this spring?

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