March 24, 2015

A Fabulous Day

The "new" used coop we got today.
It's in good shape, just needs some paint and a good cleaning.
Inside the coop.
It came with all kinds of goodies too like feeders and bedding.

Each of these will hold 275 gallons of rainwater.

My husband had a fabulous day today.  He procured these two large water tanks for us from a church who didn't need them anymore.  Each can hold 275 gallons of water.  Now we can gather rain for the garden and the chickens - an economical and ecofriendly solution to our water needs!  He also got us this small coop, trailer and some miscellaneous supplies from a man who had to give up keeping chickens.  Now we can start our flock sooner, before we complete the build of our larger coop.  The smaller building can house about 8 chickens.  It needs some paint and cleaning so we plan on getting our chicks in a few weeks!

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