March 30, 2015

The pieces are falling together

The watering system fills from the gutters
then when the tank is full, Josh built in an
overflow that will allow the water to go back into
the gutter drain and move away from the workshop
so we won't have floods.

Nothing like bleach and a little elbow 
grease to clean out an old coop.

We are all set up for the chicks inside when they arrive.
Just waiting on the ceramic heat bulb from Amazon.  It is supposed to keep
them warm without producing light so it won't disrupt their sleep.

Our permit was approved!  Now we are ready to stake out the building site and start drilling holes for the supports.  Today I gave our inherited coop a good scrub down with some bleach to make sure we are moving our ladies into a sanitary home.  Tomorrow I'll be ready to start painting it.  It is going to be "Schoolhouse Red" to match the workshop.  Josh started to set up our watering station for the chickens, which will collect rainwater from the gutters on both ends of the workshop.  We also got our home set up for the chicks inside the house so we will be ready to bring them home after spring break.  All the pieces are falling together!

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