April 15, 2015

The birds arrived!

The darker ones are the Ameraucanas and the rust colored ones are the Rhode Island Reds.

The ducklings are a lot bigger than the chicks and more fun to watch.

The chicks and ducklings came home today!  One poor soul didn't make it home from the hatchery so we have 23 chicks and 3 ducklings.  The boys named the ducks: Dr. Phillips, Marshmallow Man, and Mr. Bossy Pants.  One of the ducks is quite bossy, pushing the other two around.  We decided to make a separate home for the ducks with a screen in the bottom so their mess will pass through and they won't be standing in muck.  Josh read about this online because ducks are always splashing water around and it's not good for them to be standing in dirty water all the time.    

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