April 23, 2015

Starting on the shelter outside

We painted the coop "Schoolhouse Red" to match the workshop.
The soil here is full of clay so we had to constantly lift the auger out of the ground to clear out the caked dirt so it could keep drilling.

A finished hole - 3 feet deep.

We got the repainted and cleaned coop set up out between the workshop and the pond for when the birds are ready to move outside.  We also started work on the shelter today.  Josh rented an auger and we drilled eight holes to fill with concrete for the footers.  It was a challenging process but with two of us we were able to manage the "one-man" auger.  The holes quickly filled with ground water as we finished them though, so we are a little worried for our first inspection tomorrow.  Hopefully he will have an answer on what to do with all this ground water.

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