April 16, 2015

Getting everyone comfortable

Ameraucana chick

Rhode Island Red chicks

Ameraucana chick

We have found the ducklings don't care much for the chick food so I've started preparing them a concoction of ground up dog food and vegetables, which they adore!  I read online about this method of feeding them to ensure that they get protein and a mix of vegetables.  When you come in the room with the container they start calling out and running around their pen.  When they eat it they take big mouthfuls and toss it around then pick up the pieces.  It makes an enormous mess of their room when they throw it but they are eating furiously now.  We also replaced their water bowl with a chick waterer so they can't swim in it.  The chicks seem to be getting more comfortable and happily chirping as they explore their home.

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