April 21, 2015

A new home for the chicks

A new, much larger, home for the chicks.

The chicks have outgrown their small home already.  Josh built them a much larger space (4ft x 8 ft) out of plywood then we lined the bottom with plastic.  For now we have given them half of the run but we can expand it as they grow.  This will give them enough room to move, eat, drink, perch, and not be stomping on each other.  We also gave them a bigger waterer and feeder and raised them up some.  Hopefully this will help keep the bedding out of the food and water.  There is a screen over the top to keep them from flying out.  When we put them in the new home they started chirping so loudly it was deafening.  We didn't know if they were excited, scared, cold, or what but within a few minutes they calmed down.  It is hard to believe they are growing so fast!

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