September 22, 2015

Unwelcome guest

It's a little bit difficult to see in this picture but some critter got into the duck nest yesterday. There is one crushed egg towards the back and there was another pulled out towards the front that was broken. 

Plus, all the food and water was devoured. 

Sometimes I really wish we had a nanny cam in the bird houses so I could see what goes on during the day and at night, when I'm not around.  I wonder what kind of animal it was and when it came in.  The house is open all day while the ducks are out on the pond.

I'm just happy that not all the eggs were taken. Bossy pants still has 12 left. That's a lot of eggs, a nest full.  She has yet to show any interest in incubating them though.  She's only six months old herself; maybe she hasn't developed her maternal instincts yet??

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