October 2, 2015

A day of unusual eggs

The first unusual egg of the day came this morning. It was so tiny!  If I didn't know where it came from, I would have guessed it was a quail egg.  I'm thinking it was one of the Rhode Island Reds first attempt at an egg.  It was teeny even for a pullet egg though. I took some pictures of it with other eggs so you can see the relative size. 

The next unusual egg was discovered this evening by my husband. It looks like an egg balloon.  There isn't really a shell around it, more like a membrane. When you pick it up it is squishy.  It's really yellow like the whole thing is yolk. I think this can be a sign that your birds need more calcium but I'm not going to worry unless we get more eggs like this because it could just be a fluke. Usually the egg shells are really solid. 

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