October 30, 2015

Another woodland nest

Our ducks seem really determined to make a nest and hide their eggs. After our catastrophe with losing 14 eggs to a raccoon we had been going on a daily Easter egg hunt around the property to find and collect the duck egg. Every day bossy pants would find a new place to lay it, though, trying to psyche us out. Yesterday morning I saw her up in the woods so I went to go have a look...

There, almost under a natural teepee, I saw that she had made another nest out of leaves, just like the first one she made this summer. 

Yesterday I left the egg there and today she laid another one in the nest. It is hard to see but there is a second one peaking out from under a leaf.  

We may try taking every third egg or so but letting her keep some a see what happens.  I'm not sure yet.  She seems so determined to make a nest and try to hatch some babies but we don't want to put her at risk by leaving them in the woods. It's hard being a duck parent and trying to figure out what's the best course of action!

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