October 18, 2015

A great day for a teepee

What a beautiful fall day!  Cool, crisp air called us outdoors this afternoon. My husband had taken the younger two boys to football, leaving me and the oldest at home.  I suggested we make a teepee as we had done a few years before at our cabin in Michigan. He got his four wheeler and we started around the edges of the yard.  I pulled out sticks that had been trimmed and thrown into the trees. He hauled them up to the middle of the yard. When we had a huge pile we started our construction. It took a couple hours but we built a fairly stable structure (with the help of a little rope and some zip ties). I found some drop clothes in the garage that we used to cover it, and we finished just as my husband pulled in with the little guys. Baxter, the youngest, came running out yelling, "oooohhhh!  I like it!"  He went right inside with his Legos and sat down. It's days like this that make a childhood memorable. 

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