November 14, 2015

Fall gardening

This is what the garden looked like after the tiller chickens worked on it for a couple weeks.  The soil was somewhat loosened and much of the greenery eaten away.  I could probably leave them to it longer but I needed to get my cover crop and garlic in so we went ahead this morning.

First we finished loosening the soil.  Oliver and Baxter gladly helped with this.

Then I scattered some winter rye seed that I had ordered.  I got a whole brown sandwich bag of it but this seed packet was taped to the outside so I'd know what it was.  

After I finished scattering the rye and mixing it into the soil a bit, we moved on to the garlic that my neighbor brought me back from the Mother Earth conference.  

The boys took turns digging small holes in one corner of the garden, dropping in a clove of garlic, and covering it up, until we had planted them all.

Baxter got the watering pot and we gave the garlic a good drink.

Next we covered the garlic patch with hay to insulate it.  This may have gotten a little silly...

And here was our garlic patch, all planted!

So now in the garden, we have curly leaf kale, garlic and rye.  A nice fall mix!

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