November 10, 2015

Seven eggs, tucked in neatly

Bossy pants is persistent. She's trying again to build up a nest full of eggs. I've been keeping a wide berth around it so they don't abandon it because of our smells. The last few days when I've walked by you couldn't really see anything because she has created a nest of sycamore leaves and then seemed to be covering the eggs with leaves as well, like a natural blanket and camouflage for them. This morning, however, she had uncovered them so I could see quite well. She's up to 7 eggs that I could count. 

I do so hope that these eggs will make it and bossy pants will figure out how to incubate them. Seems like when we try to help them, it screws up the ducks' natural order of things. So we are leaving them be and whispering a little prayer that they will be safe. It would be so exciting to have baby ducks at Phillips farm someday. 

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