November 10, 2015

Waiting for happy hour

Usually Josh lets the girls out into the yard in the early afternoon, after they have laid most of their eggs. Today he was gone so they were still in the run when I got home from work. They cracked me up because when I walked back there they were all standing by the door waiting, like: "Uh, hello. It's time for chicken happy hour. When are you going to let us out??"

I opened the door and out they all came flocking out.  What a lovely site, birdies running about in the sunshine...

I opened the nesting boxes to gather today's treasures and found the girls are starting to cover their eggs with straw, maybe because it's getting cooler. Here is a view into some of the nesting boxes...

The more I read about factory farm raised eggs, it makes me appreciate these pictures all the more: clean eggs laid in real, natural, clean nests. Now those are eggs I want to eat!  Omelet anyone?

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