January 16, 2016

A filling breakfast to try

I was craving something different for breakfast this morning so I went searching on Pinterest for a breakfast recipe. I found this: cinnamon apple breakfast quinoa

I started with an apple, which I peeled and diced, saving the peels and core for the chickens. 

I put the apple in a small pan then added 1/4 c. quinoa and 3/4 c. water.  I turned the heat up and brought to a boil. When it was boiling, I put the lid on and turned it down to simmer. The recipe said to cook 20-25 minutes but mine was done in about 18 minutes. 

When it was done cooking, I transferred it to a bowl and topped with cinnamon and honey. I mixed these in and tried it. It seemed like it needed a little creaminess so I added some whipped cream to mine. 

Yum!  It was delicious and filling.  Smelled great too - my dog Soju sat next to me drooling and starring at my bowl until I finished.

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