January 26, 2016

Planning for spring

If your garden looks anything like mine now, it's hard to think of spring warmth and the beginning of growing season.

It isn't too far off though and the time is upon us to plan and order seeds so that we will be prepared when the snow melts and the ground thaws enough to start planting.

The first thing I did was consult my garden log from last year. I checked my notes on what grew well, what didn't, what we really enjoyed and what had flavors we didn't prefer. I also looked through my freezer and pantry and noted what I wish I had more of now and what things we have way more of than we will ever eat this winter. 

Next step was to draw my plan. 

In drawing my layout, I consider which plants are good companions, how much room they need as they grow, what kind of supports I will need to provide and how I can do that most effectively.  I also compare my plan to last year's drawing and try to move things around so that different plants are growing in different areas each year. Finally, I think about how much room I need to move through the rows. 

Once my draft plan was done, I looked through my drawer of leftover seeds. 

I figured out what I had left over from this year and what I needed to order.  Some items I always order as seedlings because I don't have a good space right now for starting things like tomatoes and peppers, which aren't effectively seeded directly into the ground, inside.

Finally, I made my list and placed my order. I like to get my seeds and seedlings from seed savers exchange. They have a fabulous variety of heritage seeds and I have had good luck with growing them. 

It may be snowing outside but spring will be here before we know it!

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