January 24, 2016

New Product from Phillips Farm: Fresh Baked Breads

I have really gotten into making fresh baked bread for my family in the last year.  I like it because it's natural and contains no unpronounceable preservatives.  My husband and children like it because it tastes delicious!

We have enjoyed this item so much that I thought: I should offer this to other people too.  Thus...

Phillips Farm is offering a new product: 
5 Types of Homemade Bread, Made to Order

Country White
This is a kid favorite!  It is a classic, simple bread with a nice crusty exterior and a soft inside.  My step-sons love to eat this plain or with one of my homemade jams on it.

Also available as Country White with Herbs or Country White with Chia & Flax Seeds (pictured here).

Caraway Rye
This bread is big on flavor!  It is a darker rye bread, with lots of caraway seeds.  Caraway rye is my favorite for a hearty turkey sandwich, loaded with homemade pickles.

Honey Whole Wheat
This is my kids' second favorite.  It is a hearty bread with a little sweetness.  This is a nice choice for an accompaniment to dinner, morning toast or a sandwich.

All loaves are about 8" round and cost $5.  To order, see the "Products" page on our website:

Because all bread is made to order and bread requires time to rise, I require two days to produce it.


  1. I've tried it and you can't find bread any fresher or better. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!