April 23, 2016

Cupcake learns to swim

I let baby duckling cupcake and her mama out of the baby coop this morning and they spent most of the day out in the yard with everyone else. Cupcake is noticeably bigger already. Tomorrow she will be one week old.

Mama brought her baby into the adult chicken coop around mid day and they were hanging out in the run. I had filled up a basin with some water for the ducks when they come up from the pond because it is hard for them to drink from the feeder that Josh built. 

Baby cupcake got thirsty and she too cannot drink from the feeder because she isn't tall enough yet. She tried to jump and stick her little head over the edge of the basin to get a drink. She got a little but must have been very thirsty because she then climbed up on a log near the edge of the basin put her little foot up on the edge and shoved herself in. She looked startled at first but then it was like a lightbulb went on for her and she was swimming and splashing like it was old hat. She spent a long while swimming while her mamma paced around the basin chasing anyone off who tried to come drink from the water.

We're so proud of our little duckling. She's growing so fast and learning all kinds of new things each day. What fun to watch!

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