April 28, 2016

Every farm needs a tire swing

Every farm needs a tire-swing.  

We were recently given this swing from a family friend who had it on his farm for years.  His grandchildren had outgrown it, and he wanted it to go somewhere where more children could enjoy it. 

Last weekend, Josh put his ladder way up into this Silverleaf Maple in the backyard.  He cut a clear path to a nice big branch and tied up a heavy piece of rope.  Just to make it extra secure he looped it up onto an even bigger branch above as well so that they weight is distributed through the tree.  I, of course, had to try it out immediately!

The real fun came yesterday evening, though, when my stepsons arrived.  The littlest one couldn't get enough.  The swing is just the right size for him to sit in.  He squealed with delight as we pushed him. 

First Josh pushed him and when he was worn out, I did it for a while.  He could have stayed in that swing all night!

Watch him swing on YouTube.  It'll make you smile.  His happiness is infectious!

This one is in slo-mo.

It made me so happy watching him enjoy that swing.  This is what childhood should be like: catching tadpoles, running and rolling in the grass, gathering collections of sticks and rocks, going for walks to visit the neighbors, picking flowers, making wishes as you blow on dandelion seed heads, and watching the world spin around you as you fly through the air on a swing!  

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