October 25, 2016

A peaceful weeked away

I had Friday off work so I decided to leave Thursday after work and drive up by myself for a weekend at our lakehouse in northern Michigan.  I wanted a quiet weekend away from work, chores, responsibilities... life...

It turned out to be an astonishingly beautiful time to be at Lake Manistee.  The leaves were in full Fall glory.  This was the view as I drove up the road to the house.

I went for walks each day through the woods around the lake.  The maple trees had the brightest shades of yellow and red.

Here's the view out our back door, across the canal and out to the lake.

One day on my walk, I found an old apple tree in front of an abandoned house.  I sat under the tree and ate a few apples - crisp and cool and tart and juicy. 

I decided to go home and get a basket so I could collect more apples to take home.  The only large basket I could find was a picnic basket, but it did the trick.  I came back to the house with pounds of apples to bring back with me to Ohio.

The lake was rough with the strong wind blowing the cool air around.  Our boat is dry docked for the winter so I had to enjoy the water from the edge.  One afternoon I sat on the long dock down at the local park.

All along the water's edge, you can find this wild mint growing rampant.  It smells like chocolate mint - one of my personal favorites.  I picked some and brought it back to freshen up the kitchen.

The leaves filled the water off our little dock, like mother nature was making a colorful collage. 

Some time away from the day-to-day is good for the soul.  I appreciated a few days to rest, but it is also good to be home.  My dogs were sooooo excited to see me return.  There was some major "butt dancing" going on when I pulled in the driveway.  This is the term I've coined especially for my little miniature Schnauzer because, since she doesn't have much of a tail, when she "wags her tail" her whole back end flies back and forth.  It's good to be loved.

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