October 26, 2016

Halloween fun

We grew our own little pumpkin patch this year out by the mailbox. 

I needed to find a spot outside of my garden where the pumpkin plants would have enough space to spread out but also outside the path of our free ranging chickens so they wouldn't get pecked to pieces before we could harvest them.  I got the idea one day as I was leaving to plant them by our mailbox, at the end of the long driveway.  The chickens rarely make it out that far.  Anyway, it was the perfect spot.  The plants thrived and we ended up with lots of medium-sized pumpkins and a couple big ones.

One evening recently, the boys and I decided to do some carving.  Each chose a pumpkin and brought it out to the back porch.  I cut open the tops so they could pull out the guts.  We saved some of the seeds for planting next year and the rest of the seeds and stringy insides we out as a nice treat for the hens. 

Each boy got a couple carving tools to work with.   

Oliver carved with deep focus, trying to make vampire teeth.

McGregor had to work one-handed due to the broken arm but I held his pumpkin still while he carved with his good arm.

Baxter was "super duper excited" that he was big enough to carve his own pumpkin this year.

He even carved a "B" into his pumpkin so everyone would know it was his.

McGregor made his pumpkin look like it was vomiting seeds and guts.

We lit the pumpkins with real candles and decided they are much better than those fake electric lights.  The pumpkins look awesome outside our side door, welcoming visitors to the Farm.

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