October 24, 2016

Our eggs are now non-GMO!

Exciting announcement: Our eggs are now non-GMO!

As of this week, our chickens  and ducks are eating locally milled non-GMO feed from Bagdad Roller Mills in Bagdad, KY.  I made the drive down to Kentucky and came home with the Prius riding low.  In the trunk I managed to fit 900 pounds of feed! 

We are constantly seeking ways to make our chickens and eggs healthier and also to support local business when possible so we were excited to find this locally-owned small business making their own feed.  Another Batavia local told us about Bagdad; he had been using their feed for years. 

We will also be fermenting the feed for added probiotics - good for the chickens and for we who consume their eggs!  You can read more on the benefits of fermented feed on Countryside Network. 

Check out our eggs at Jungle Jim's in Eastgate or contact me directly. 

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