December 13, 2015

Christmas in July...Making Our Annual Trip to Corsi Tree Farm in T-Shirts!

Ok, so maybe not July but it certainly did feel like spring today!  As we drove out to Corsi tree farm in Bethel, the car said it was almost 70 degrees outside.  The ground at the farm was covered in green grass instead of fields of snow.  It was a little hard to get in the mood, but as we began to stroll out into the rows of trees, our excitement grew.

We were looking for a tree that was tall and round with needles that were sturdy but not too prickly.  After about a half an hour and several contenders considered, we found just the right tree, and Josh set to cutting it down.

While Josh did the hard work, little B kept the rest of entertained.  First he tried to squat and stay balanced...

That didn't go so well :)

Next he made a grass mustache.  That was pretty cute.

Before we knew it, the tree was down and on the tarp, ready to be pulled back up to the car.  Look at those handsome Phillips boys with their prize tree.

At first, there was talk that the kids were going to haul the tree but that didn't last long.  They moved it about 6 inches before calling, "Daaaaad!  You need to do it!"

Since he couldn't pull the actual tree, little B found himself a "little tree" to pull back to the car.  Like father, like son...

As soon as we got in the car I started hearing biiiiiiiiig yawns.
"Are you tired little B?"
"No, I'm not tired."


We got the tree home and in the stand while Baxter finished his little nap.  By the time we got out lights and ornaments, he was up and ready to go again.

It's always a trip down memory lane getting out ornaments.  Now we have a mix of things from the boys through the years, from my family and Josh's and things we have gotten or made together as a couple.  Here was McGregor's preschool ornament from 2009.

And a shrinky dink ornament I made for our engagement.

Finally, it was done!  The tree looks lovely and festive.  Even if it is 70 degrees outside, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Phillips Farm.

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