December 28, 2015

Did a robin get in the chicken coop?

The tiniest egg!

This weekend we found the tiniest little ameraucana egg imaginable. It was only about an inch tall!  When I saw it, I thought: Did a robin get in with the chickens?? There's no way that's a chicken egg!

A normal Rhode Island egg next to the baby egg.

It was in a nesting box with a couple other eggs. Probably it was the first effort of a chicken just starting to lay - a tinier than usual pullet egg. The other option is that something weird happened with a chicken and two eggs formed at the same time, one coming out normal sized and the other teeny. I read online about unusual eggs of all shapes and sizes; there are many variations in nature!  On there is a "shrine" to multi-yolked eggs, which even shows an egg that was cracked open to find another fully formed egg inside!

The day's bounty - including the tiny egg, front left.

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