December 20, 2015

Frozen water everywhere

My lovely handy husband created a large watering system for our girls that we usually only have to fill twice/week or so. We have a tank that collects rainwater and he put a pump on this so we can hook the hose directly to it to fill the waterer. In anticipation of cold temperatures, he moved the water tank and pump inside his workshop so we could throw the hose inside and continue to use the system through winter. This morning i went out to check on everyone and found the nipples on the chicken waterer were frozen solid. 

As a backup we had gotten some heated water bowls as well so I went to get those. I ran an extension cord out, plugged them in, and threw the hose into the workshop to fill them up. I turned the pump on but nothing happened.  I checked all the switches and plugs - everything was connected properly. Then I realized it was the hose, frozen solid!  All that planning and it looks like I'm still hauling water from the house. 

So in I went to get a bucket of water from the kitchen. 

I filled the bowls but it took a while for one chicken to get brave enough to stick her head in and give it a try. They did their usual standing around, starring...

If you could hear their thoughts I think it would sound something like:
"What do you think it is?"
"I don't know. Should we try it?"
"I don't know, looks scary."
"Let me just get a little closer. Hmm, smells funny."
"Don't get too close!"
"I think it might be something we can drink."
"Don't risk it!"
"But I'm so thirsty!"
"Who knows what it could be."
"I'm gonna try it."
"Oh dear!"
"Mmmmm water!"
"Ohh let me try!"

Soon there were lots of birds enjoying a morning drink. 

I went down to check on the ducks and found the pond is starting to freeze over too. 

The ducks are mostly staying on the far side, which is still open. I have them some more hay in their house, in case they want to nestle in for warmth but so far they seem fine with the cold. They are so well insulated; it's truly amazing!

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