March 4, 2016

Almost ready for the roof

Despite the sudden return of wintry weather, Josh was out working on the coop expansion yesterday.  The snow was coming down in big, wet flakes and he was soaked through before long.  We really have to keep moving on the building because the chicks are growing fast!  We figure they have a week left before they are too big for the brooder.  They are already flying around and this morning I had to put a screen over the container so they wouldn't escape.  We have our one little wry neck baby separated still, with a few buddies to keep her company.  Yesterday afternoon Josh sent me this picture:

We had an escapee.  Now that they can fly, it's pretty easy for them to get out unless their space is screened in.

So, we finished up the purlins yesterday.  Those are the pieces that connect the rafters, which the metal roofing is screwed into.  During the day, Josh did one half...

Then when I got home, I helped him with the other side.  Here you can see how he uses a rope line to keep the ends straight and even.

It was nearly dark by the time we got the last purlin nailed in.

I believe Josh is going to pick up the metal today and we'll be ready to roll on the roof.  After the roof is up, he can start constructing the henhouse.  Finally, we'll fence in the run and we'll be just about ready to move the girls over.  Sounds simple enough, right?

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