March 26, 2016

More spring colors

Yesterday evening, I set out for a walk when it was beginning to get dusky.  Because it had been sunny all day, it seemed like it should be warmer than it was.  I had to go back in for an extra layer, and after a few minutes of walking, I wished I had some gloves.  The cool air was refreshing though, and I could feel my cheeks getting rosy.

It was a beautiful evening.  The sky was mostly clear and beginning to turn shades pastel pink and purple in places.  I was in search of more changes in our land: more signs of spring's arrival.

The first place I looked was the herb garden.  The rhubarb continues to grow and leaf out.  I made a mental note to look for a recipe to make for a rhubarb crumble or pie in the coming week.  Something new to green up is my patch of golden oregano, which came out of nowhere and is now a lush sheet of yellowish-green.   

Around the front of the house, I found myself drawn to this ball of yellow blossoms: my forsythia bushes that I planted last spring are now in full show.  

We have a number of maple trees in our front yard, and they are usually the first to begin to show signs of life after the winter.  This one, right by our driveway, has been covered in small red poofs for weeks now, but just today I noticed these have turned into seeds or "helicopters" as we called them as children.  I love their vibrant red and neon green colors.

Our pear tree didn't produce much fruit last fall.  Frank said it looked like it got "end burn" which their apple trees also got across the street.  The tree is loaded in these lovely pink buds about to open.  Hopefully it will be healthier this summer.  Our first year here it produced so much fruit we started feeding it to the deer because we couldn't eat it all.  

We also have some smaller, decorative "pear" trees in the front yard, which are blooming as well.

Last summer I discovered I have a huge lilac bush on the side of the house, which was being strangled and swallowed up by wild grape vines.  I cut away all the vines and it began to flourish.  Looks like it too is getting ready to flower.

Down by the pond, a new round of happy daffodils have opened up.  I love this kind even more than the yellow ones, with white petals and an orange center.

Finally, I almost stepped on this pretty little violet peaking out from the dry tall grasses on the hillside by the pond.  Maybe I'll ask Rita to show me how to make violet jelly this year.  She gave me a small jar to try last year and it had such a delicate sweetness - a really unique treat!  I always love when you can take something naturally occurring on your land and put it to good use.

I have a quote that I always keep on the bottom of my computer screen that says: Put yourself in the way of beauty.  I think it's from that movie Wild.  The idea is that beauty is always around us, we just have to take the time to notice it, to take it in.  I think these are wise words for us all. 

Happy Spring everyone!

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