June 27, 2016

Farm fresh breakfast

I had a truly farm fresh breakfast this morning.

Let's start with the frittata.  I collected eggs from our hens yesterday evening, which I cracked fresh this morning and added to broccoli I harvested from the garden yesterday afternoon.  If only we had a cow or goat, the milk and cheese I finished it off with could have come from our land too instead of the store.  Alas, my husband says I have to get him a motorcycle in return for a few goats so that won't be happening anytime soon.

To go with my eggs, I cut a slice of the loaf of caraway rye I made on Saturday.  I toasted it so it was warm and perfectly crisp then spread on it a thick layer of the dandelion jelly I made last month.  The jelly somehow tastes like honey - a distillation of Mother Nature's sweetness.

Finally, I brewed a cup of chicory coffee.  I spent much of this weekend learning about how to harvest, clean, roast and grind chicory to make drinks (I'm doing a piece on this culinary adventure for Countryside - I'll post a link when it's live).  This morning I mixed some of the ground root with my coffee in my little espresso pot.  

It yielded a new take of my daily routine.  The chicory added a touch of spice to the coffee and maybe a hint of cocoa.  

There's nothing like eating food you grew, raised, prepared... 

What's your favorite fresh from the garden meal?

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