July 14, 2016

Baby eggs

When I collected eggs last night from the coop I was excited to see so many little bitty pullet eggs.  These are the first eggs a chicken lays when she is reaching maturity.  As she lays more eggs and grows a little more, the pullet eggs come to be a more normal size.

We had eight of these small eggs yesterday. Two of them I found on the floor in the hen house when I was checking for duck eggs. We think our little cupcake that was hatched by a chicken may also be start laying eggs soon.

Looking at the color you can see seven of the eight are blue or green, which are laid by the Easteregger chickens. There is only one brown which we think was laid by a Barred Rock hen. So it looks like the Eastereggers may mature a little more quickly than the Barred Rocks and Welsummers. 

It is always so exciting when your "babies" start to lay!

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