July 23, 2016

Duck family update

The baby ducks that were born while we were on vacation are thriving and growing like weeds.  In the morning they come waddling out of the coop following their mamma and the adventures begin.  We see them all over the place - in the front yard, back swimming in the pond, foraging near the garden, napping in the shade...  sometimes I wonder if their little legs are just exhausted by the end of the day.  

Their mom is looking a little tired after spending a month hatching them and now trying to keep track of them all the time.  One evening she was trying to lead them back into the coop at dusk.  They followed her until she got to the door then when she went in, they both ran the other way.  She turned around and saw they weren't behind her and came flying out of the coop, quacking loudly.  I was imagining their conversation:
"But mom!  We don't want to go to bed yet!"
"You kids get in here right now.  Don't make me say it again!"

They did eventually comply and come in for the night.

One thing that's been interesting to watch is the family dynamics.  Though the ducklings are with their mom most of the time, they do sometimes go off with their dad so she can have a break.  He is usually seen with the family too.  Occasionally he splits off though and hangs out with our little Cupcake (the one hatched by a chicken).  

Initially when the babies were born we saw all five ducks together a lot, but little Cupcake seems to be a bit of an outcast and is now usually by herself.  We are looking for a duck to be her companion if anyone has a young adult male Pekin they would part with.  We need to expand our family tree some and our girl needs a buddy!

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