July 5, 2016

Two's company

Yesterday evening I got word from our neighbors who are tending the birds in our absence that the hatching process seemed to be over, with the two baby ducks above the only ones to make it out of 10 eggs. 

Rita wrote-
Duck update. Mama  abandoned nest with 2 babes following. Throughout the day 5 more were born but died. 😔 (We went over every couple of hours to check). We found her early evening behind the woodpile with babes. We went back and she was walking around the coop very agitated trying to get in. This was after we put chickens in. We lured her to the inside where she is safe with babes. We have the rest of eggs here and will put them with her tomorrow. We think she left the nest because the remaining eggs were not going to hatch but just in case we'll put them in.  One more thing. She did sit on the nest all through the time the other 5 were hatching. She only left after they died. A good mama. Survival of the fittest ...the 2 babes were eating and drinking well!

She later sent me these pictures of mamma trailing her two little yellow poofballs back to the coop. 

This evening she sent me a message that said - All is well - with this picture...

Seems that the youngins made their first trip down to the water already on their first real day of life. How wonderful!  

I can't wait to get home and meet them. Any name suggestions?

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