July 18, 2016

Lavender again

Back in June I showed you how I cut my lavender stems and hung them to dry in the laundry room but I never followed up to show you the rest.  Better late than never, right?

By the end of June, my flowers were dry and brittle.  I took the bag off of one to check it and found it was perfect.  So I untied all the bags and brought them down to the kitchen.  One at a time, I unwrapped a bundle and held it over a large bowl.  Rubbing the buds between my fingers, they fell off the stems with relative ease. 

The smell was amazing!  I wish I could some how make this into a scratch and sniff post so you could experience it too.  

It took me about an hour to get through all my bunches, carefully rubbing all the buds loose.  Then I picked through the bowl to get all the little woody stems and such that had fallen in with the flowers.  The remaining purple gold I transferred into a large mason jar for use in the kitchen.

The first thing I tried with the lavender was adding some to my kombucha, which I highly recommend.  The flavor was light and herbal and added a lot of fizz in the second fermentation.  

Next on my list is popsicles and pound cake!  Keep your eye out on Countryside for an article on my lavender adventure that should be out next month. 

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