August 24, 2016

The duck house is officially gone

The ducks have not been in the duck house for months and months now.  For whatever reason, they just refused to use it. A man from our neighborhood who also raises ducks told us that probably something got in the house once and freaked them out so now they won't use it.  Anyway it's for the best because now they live in the chicken coop which is easier in terms of closing them up at night. So Josh and I decided it was time for the doc enclosure to come down.

In the spirit of Joel Salatin, we are trying to be open to what works and what doesn't, and to reuse things when possible. We had the idea to use the actual house from the enclosure for our new flock protector. It will give him a place where he can get out of the elements but still keep an eye on the birds.

So first I dismantled the fence around the enclosure. Then Joshy and I loaded the house onto a small trailer and brought it up behind the chicken coop.

Next we had to get those t-posts out. To do that we use the three point hitch on the back of the tractor. 

I backed the tractor up and Josh wrapped a chain between the tractor and the post, then we let the power of the tractor pull out the post. So much easier than trying to juggle those things out ourselves!

And just like that the duck enclosure is gone.

We finished up as the sun was setting. The night are getting darker earlier and the coolness of fall is in the air. 

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