December 30, 2016

A Holiday Surprise from Bossy Pants

I had noted that our original female Pekin duck, Bossy Pants, seemed to have stopped laying eggs recently.  She does usually have a period in the winter when she stops laying, but this seemed early.  I looked in all the usual spots around the run but didn't see any of her large pale green-spotted eggs.  

Then I opened the henhouse to add some straw and when I got to the back corner I found a holiday surprise!  Bossy Pants made herself a little nest and it was full of big dirty eggs (it's so muddy out from all the rain; all our eggs have been a mess lately).  There were even a few chicken eggs in there too.  I guess one of the chickens thought it looked like an inviting spot as well.  

I took out all but one egg to encourage her to keep using her spot.  

Raising ducks will certainly keep you on your toes.  You never know what to expect from those funny creatures.  They are so much less predictable than chickens, which can be frustrating but also amusing!

For now I'm happy with my holiday surprise.  Good ol' Bossy Pants is still giving us those wonderful eggs.

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