December 28, 2016

The babies are 2 months old already

Our little Golden Comet babies are two months old today, hard to believe!  They are doing really well so far and growing quickly.  We have opened the door to let them out into the run where they can see the adult chickens but not interact with them yet.  Josh commented the other day that they may be ready to mix with the adults in another month.  They aren't that much smaller anymore!

Had to include this photo because who can resist a tiny fluffy butt??

The little ones are very inquisitive and not at all afraid of us.  When Baxter goes into the run with them they come up to him to check him out.  Once they were even following him around like he was their mamma hen.  

I think we are going to be pleased with this breed.  It's a new one for us and may prove to be a better brown egg layer than the Barred Rocks or Rhode Island Reds we've kept before.  The Barred Rocks seem to be not the brightest chickens.  They are the only ones that don't follow their instincts to go inside when it gets dark.  I will go to lock up and the entire flock will be in roosting except for three Barred Rocks, who will be milling about in the yard still.  They are hard boogers to chase too!  I don't see any more Barred Rocks in our future.

In just two months' time we will be starting over with the brooder when we get the Easter Eggers we need to finish out our flock expansion to serve the other Jungle Jim's store...

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