December 27, 2016

Scenes from our family Christmas

We did a big family "Christmas Eve" dinner on the 23rd due to our holiday schedule with my stepsons.  I made ham, quiches, scalloped potatoes, honey roasted roasted carrots and fresh baked bread.  Others brought appetizers, salad, green bean casserole, dessert and wine to round out our meal.  Tummies full, we gathered in the family room to exchange gifts with the few family members who wouldn't be returning in the morning.

Bailey is still new to opening presents.  She ripped one tiny piece of paper off at a time :)

In the morning, most of the crowd returned for our Christmas morning celebration.  Bailey and Baxter were inseparable most of the morning.  Whenever she got distracted and wandered away, Bailey would call out, "Baxter?!  What you doing Baxter??"  Here they seemed to be having a last minute consult with one of Santa's reindeer...

All the boys love their little cousins.

After breakfast, the gift frenzy began.

My nephew Landen is just about six months old.  He watched from the sidelines with dad and then grandpa.

He was excited to have a little package to hold on to too.

Bailey got twin baby dolls that even cry "when they are hungry" and stop when you give them a bottle.  She loved this!  My brother said to his wife, "Looks like Bailey is ready for number three."  She has been surprisingly good with helping with baby Landen.

Roscoe watched intently as Bailey took care of her baby doll on the floor.

McGregor got a special ornament to commemorate his big present of the year - the four wheeler he got for his birthday.

Oliver was super excited for his relaxing foot bath.  His brothers were making fun that he asked for a "girl toy" but once he had it all set up, they all wanted to take a turn!  Oliver also got a new roll top desk for the room he refers to as his office, which is really the laundry room but gives him a space of his own to retreat to.  He spent all afternoon working away at his new desk.

I didn't capture a picture of it, but Baxter's favorites were a little motorized dog that you can "take for a walk" and it barks and dances, and an art area just for him with a little easel and all the supplies he needs for creating and cleaning up on his own. 

The last present of the morning was for Bailey and it was taller than her.  I had to help her with the bow but then she got the paper off to discover a little basketball hoop just her size.  

It was a busy day and we were all ready for a nap by early evening.  The dogs were especially pooped from all the commotion and people in the house.  They just wanted to snuggle up with their papa.  

We were grateful to have a house full of family, good food to offer and a feeling of abundance for the children in our life.  We hope your Christmas, too, was abundant and joy-filled!

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