December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas from the farm

We actually did our family celebrations a day early because of our schedule with my stepsons so today has been a peaceful day for Josh and I.  

This morning I brought the girls out some special Christmas treats.  For the babies: cranberries and bird seed.

For the adults: cranberries, bird seed and Christmas day leftovers.  

We had so much food leftover.  I froze what I could but there was still bunches left over that Josh and I will never eat alone before it goes bad so I shared some with our birds.  They were so excited!  I cooked my first ever ham for Christmas Eve dinner.  It turned out quite well.  I used the Pioneer Woman recipe for my glaze, which called for brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, brown mustard and Dr. Pepper.  I would recommend it!  I froze the ham bone and some scraps for making black bean soup this winter.  It's amazing how much I've learned in the last few years about not letting anything go to waste.  One recipe's remains lead into another great meal with just a little extra work.

This morning I also set out for a nice long stroll with my free-range puppies.  Roscoe officially graduated from his dog training and has been released to roam about the yard.  He's definitely not going to be a chicken protector, but with his training collar on, he is capable of leaving the birds alone under supervision.  This morning the birds were still in the chicken yard so he didn't need his collar even and could just run free.  He's really good about coming back when called now.  I love watching him run around the yard.  Roscoe is definitely a dog that's meant to run about and explore.  He looks like he's smiling when he runs back towards you.  Makes me happy that we were able to give him a home.  

Even Soju is doing ok with being off-leash.  She and Roscoe chase each other around while old lady Doodle hangs near me.  Soju makes a scene like she doesn't want Roscoe to chase her, but when he stops she eggs him on again.  They are doggy friends.

So that's what Christmas day is looking like around here.  It's nice to enjoy some peace and quiet after all the family festivities.  I'll post some pictures from our family Christmas in the next few days too.  We had a wonderful time celebrating together with both our families.

I hope all of you will have a splendid holiday full of the warmth of family, the joy of traditions, and the goodness of hearty and delicious food.  Merry Christmas!

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