July 17, 2015

A morning snack for the babies and old ladies

the "fear of something new" huddle

"My food!" - Rooster

"What?!  It was for me, right?" - Rooster

"Back away girls.  I'll tell you when you can have some."  - Rooster
Yesterday I made dilly beans and applesauce so I had lots of scraps that I ground up and put in several bags in the refrigerator to give to the birds.  I brought out two plates this morning: a big one for the old ladies and a little one for the babes.  When I delivered the small plate, the little girls did the "I don't know what that is so I'm going to stay away from it" huddle in the corner.  When I brought the big plate in for the old ladies, the rooster immediately stood on top of the plate and claimed it for himself!  The other birds surrounded him and managed to peck away some of the food between his legs, but he maintained his spot right in the middle of the bowl until most of the food was eaten.

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