July 12, 2015

Two pound tomato

We have been out of town a week and I came back to a jungle in the garden. The cucumbers and beans are trailing everywhere, vines laden with fruit. The corn that remains is eight foot tall with wild tassels hanging above our heads. The sunflowers are ten foot tall and some bright yellow faces have appeared at their tops. Peppers hang heavy, pulling branches down towards the soil.  Tomato plants are spotted red here and there with ripe fruit. One tomato catches my eye as soon as I go into the garden though. It is a monster Cherokee Purple, wrapped and warped around the branch it is clinging to. I pull it off as gently as I can and bring it into the kitchen with two hands because it is so heavy.  Onto the scale... it is almost 2 pounds!  Now that's a tomato. I have a lot of work to do to regain some order in the garden but for now I'm going to enjoy this tomato and some crisp little cucumbers. 

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