July 15, 2015


Rhode Island Red friends
Finding their food dishes for the first time
Ameraucana baby  

Josh built a new version of the brooder to keep in the workshop; no more babies in the house!

We have had so many people express interest in eggs that we decided to go ahead and increase our flock this year instead of waiting until next. And it's warm enough now that they won't have to be indoors as long as they did in the spring. Josh picked up 22 chicks this morning: 11 Ameraucana and 11 Rhode Island reds. This will bring our total flock to 45. Our plan is to keep them in the workshop for a few weeks then attach the small coop to the side of the run so the new and old birds can see each other but the little ladies will be safely separated until they are big enough to hold their own. It's so exciting to have babies again. Boy are they cute when they are so little!

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