July 12, 2015

Pickle Relish

My trellis was hanging heavy with pretty little cucumbers when we got home.  I also had a basket of big cucumbers sitting by the back door, a gift from a friendly neighbor.  My stores of pickles are looking good so I went to my cookbooks for some other ideas for my cucumbers.  I decided to try some pickle relish.  I found two recipes that looked delicious: sweet relish and dill relish.

They were both pretty easy to make, starting with pulverizing the cucumbers in the food processor with some onion.  With the addition of a few spices, it sits for a couple of hours then gets rinsed and drained.  Finally, you add a few more ingredients, cook 10 minutes then jar and it's done.

And we grilled up some sausages and hot dogs for dinner so we could try it...husband approved!

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