May 3, 2016

A new nest

You never know where you will find eggs when you let your chickens free-range.  

I wrote yesterday about the struggles we've been having with getting the chickens to use all the new nesting boxes we put in and the challenges that have arisen with so many trying to get into just a few of the original boxes.

Well this weekend I went out to my potting bench to get some tools for working in the garden and I discovered three broken eggs tucked in an old garbage bag that I had stuffed in the corner.  The girls were trying to nest in the bag, but it didn't provide any padding so the eggs had all broken.

Though we want them laying in nesting boxes in the coop, if they are inclined to lay eggs on my potting bench, I'd at least like them not to break so I decided to put a portable nesting box in the corner.  See it there towards the right corner?

Well, the birds loved it!  By end of day Saturday, there were three eggs in it!

Sunday morning, one hen ran over to the lean-to and immediately laid her egg in the box.

It's like Easter every day, here on the farm.  You find hidden treats all over!

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