May 13, 2016

Baby duck Cupcake turns 1 month old

It's hard to believe this little duck is only a month old!  She is now as big as the adult chickens.

Cupcake and her mamma are beginning to separate.  Mamma is often seen nearby but doing her own thing.  If Cupcake begins to chirp for some reason, Mamma's head pops up.  She knows that sound and checks to make sure everything is ok.  

Most of the day Cupcake roams around on her own in the yard.  She spends some time in the baby pool, forages for food, lays in the sunshine, and chases chickens around.  It's a good life :)

In the evening Cupcake returns to the coop with the chickens.  For a few weeks she and Mamma were sleeping snuggled up together on the floor of the hen house but now Mamma goes in and perches with the other chickens.  Now sometimes Cupcake sleeps in the straw underneath the hen house and sometimes she goes up the ramp and inside to sleep on the bedding in with the chickens.  It's nice because we don't have to chase her down like we do the adult ducks.  I wonder if she will always go in with the chickens or if she will eventually start to hang with the ducks.  Seems like it would be good for her to mix with her own kind, but it is awfully convenient to have her act like a chicken.

She is getting her little tail feathers in and her voice is turning into a deeper squeak.  We should be able to tell sometime soon with more certainty if "she" is a boy or a girl.  Keep your fingers crossed for a girl.  We want more duck eggs!

Happy birthday little Cupcake.

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