May 2, 2016

Growing like a weed - an update on Cupcake

Our little duckling, Cupcake, turned two weeks old on Sunday.  She's already almost as tall as her mamma broody hen when she stands upright!  It's amazing how fast she is growing.

For the last week or so we had been letting the new family out to range each morning and then shooing them back into the baby coop at night.  Saturday night, though, Josh and I went out for dinner and his mother closed the birds up for us.  I figured I would get the pair moved over when we got home, but Cupcake made her way up the ramp and they snuggled into a corner of the adult hen house so I left them there.  Now they are mixed in all the time with the other birds and seem to be doing fine.

This morning when I opened the door, Cupcake ran out and started playing in a puddle.  I decided it was time to give her the baby pool so she could swim more extensively than she's able to do in the basin in the coop.  I got it down from the rafters in the garage and filled it up.  I put some bricks in it so she'd be able to get in and out.

When it was all set up, I picked her up and put her in the water so she'd see it was there.  She promptly ran out and went back to her mud puddle.

I guess it's true of children from any species: the mud puddle is always the most fun place to be!

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